Pierre-François Barbry (1705-1783)
Ploughman in Fleurbaix (Pas-de-Calais)

Total : 743 individuals for 226 surnames


Most of this work is to abbot † Henri Boute who carried out research, in particular in the archives of the parish of Fleurbaix, and I thanks him.

Later, a teacher from the school of Fleurbaix had the right idea, with the help of its pupils, to publish a CD-ROM containing the examination of the municipal and parish records : a mine of gold.

Access to these data is free but I would like that those which take of it, whole or part, report to me.

It lacks a number of names and many dates : every contribution, so small is it, as well as photographs, are welcomes. To do this : Send me a mail (address below).


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André Barbry
Birth: January 8, 1925 30 27 1 Rue Henri Lebleu, Fleurbaix, Pas-de-Calais, France
Death: March 14, 2009L'Isle sur la Sorgue, Vaucluse, France
mon papa
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